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Prostate cancer histology

Detecting alterations at the molecular level linked to cancer is a key aspect in developing new strategies for treatment and for diagnosis.

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For this purpose tissue biopsies are analyzed using various analytical techniques, such as mass spectrometry, and may result in the identification of novel prostate cancer histology. Tissue microarrays TMAs contain a large number of biopsies prepared in an array format.

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The use of TMAs in biomedical workflows is significantly increasing in the past few years; the main challenge is the limited amount of sample available 1. The aim of our work is to apply advanced nanoLC-MS MS techniques to reliably identify various glycans and proteins from histological tissue surfaces and to apply the workflow for the analysis of prostate cancer TMAs.

Prostatic Adenocarcinoma - Histopathology

Integrating proteomics data with glycan analysis has recently become widespread. Glycosaminoglycans GAGs play crucial roles in cancer progression; however, their nanoscale analysis is still considered an analytical challenge compared to proteomics methods, which are relatively straightforward.

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More than proteins were identified and quantified using label free quantitation from the 1.